Following the example of Greta Thunberg, the children in Belgium are playing truant.

Now let us see what they themselves can sacrifice in order to save the climate. Certainly they will not forsake the entertainment of demonstrating for learning hard at school. Even if the latter is precisely what the planet needs most – the inventions of human mind for a lesser human footprint.

Who do the demonstrating children direct their protests against? Who should take care of this? Their parents work hard in order to secure the best possible life for their kids. If kids feel they are so adult and knowledgable about how to save the planet, why do they not themselves forsake that which costs most energy. Like the smartphone in their pockets. Yes, it takes more energy than e.g. a fridge. Then the Internet – it takes about the same energy as all world flights. Other hints:

Eat the food you have on your plate. The developed world throws out about 1/3 of the food!!!
Do not wash your clothes just because they got crumpled. And fill the washing machine instead of running it almost empty.
Buy less. Try to repair things.
Put on an extra sweater instead of turning on the heating.
Use latrine instead of WC.
Grow your own food.

The developed world has not forsaken its colonial perspective. If we took the perspective of the poor people in Africa we would not shout that fossil fuels should be banned. If you have no other option than to make your food on open fire you will emit not only CO2 but a lot of other really dangerous substances. If you had an electric cooker from an electric plant fuelled by coal, your footprint would be infinitesimal in comparison.

It is high time to teach our spoiled kids to raise their perspective from their own affluent one to the perspective of the poor in the world.