Those who mob other people pretending to be truth followers, should check their facts first. I was appalled by Meryl Streep’s indignation at Golden Globe – it was perfectly performed as an actress but horribly dishonest. She accused the president that he mocked a disabled journalist. No he did not. He mocks many opponents in this way, some of them very abled.

My acquaintances share pictures of the smiling Obamas juxtaposed to the pictures of the gloomy Trumps at the inaugural lunch. I checked it: the picture of the Trumps was taken during the prayer. The Obamas did not lough then either.

Mobbing works against those who mob. Swedish Democrats have been mobbed by mainstream media, and the result is they grew from a tiny party to the third biggest in the country. I believe that those who participate in mobbing of the present president of the US, should learn from this.

It is best to stick to truth, always.