Były łzy i śmiech, były śpiewy (więcej krzyku), był polonez. Zdjęcia profesjonalnej fotografki można zobaczyć na stronie

W kościele wyróżniała się czerwona kokarda przyszłej teściowej.

Potem były przemowy, teściowa też sobie pogadała. Wywołałam gromki śmiech błędem: these two beautiful people, who are so beautiful, not on the outside, on the inside. Poniżej tekst mowy (niedokładnie zrealizowany).

I was the first to sign up for the toast, I love to talk, in any lg. Please put down your knives and forks – you will not be eating for a while. Thank God I chose English,otherwise your food would turn stale. This trait of mine is in sharp contrast to the character of my beloved husband – most likely you won’t hear him say anything apart from the absolutely necessary things.

Yet we have stayed together of free will over 30 years. They say that opposites attract. But so do similarities, as they say “lika barn leker bäst”. You, Maciek and Stina are so much alike. You are both so harmonious,everybody feels at ease with you. I don’t know how you do it, you must have an abundance of mirror neurons, you are so emphatic. This is something that cannot be learnt at any university, you two just got it.

I may have become yet more proud Mom because of Maciek’s recent successes – all the interviews and articles – but I was always proud to see how he cared for other people. And I see now the same in our newly acquired daughter Krysia. This only son of ours is truly loved by her, I am sure of this.

And Krysia means also family. She knows what is most important in life – life itself, i.e. children. The eternal chain that we once joined in thanks to our parents, grandparents, grandgrandparents. I could back all the way to Pithecanthropus but I am not so sure how we are related.

Those I am sure we are related with have come to share our joy from several directions: from Krakow, Los Angeles, Köln, and Syracuse. It is a pity that none of the grandparents could participate – I am sure that babcia Hanka and dziadek Jozek look down from the sky and smile seeing this happy couple, and Marek’s parents send their blessings from Krakow.

So now, all of us who have the privilege of being present in this world (even though for a short while), and present at this ceremony, let us raise our glasses for the two people who are so beautiful inside: let them be happy for ever and may God bless them with a whole lot of children!