Dear Britain, please lead the way!

I hope the Britts are the first to abandon the shackles of the modern priesthood – the eurocrats. This elitarian gang which believes that they are the elite to lead us (the stupid subjects). This elite rules us without accountability – you do not elect them and you cannot remove them. You elect only only the EU parliament, which actually is not a parliament at all – it does not have a legislative power! The eurocrats do. They produce new regulations at the speed of light. Big companies are the only ones that love this. They can afford lobbyists to influence and lawyers to lead the way through the dense wood of regulations. Minor competitors are thus excluded.

Can you tell the difference between EU institutions? How does the council of Europe differ from the council of EU and from the EU commission? How many eurocrats earn more than David Cameron? 10000! I would put up with the bureaucracy if it really meant maintaining peace. It does the opposite. None of the Europes nations had nationalistic parties in their parliaments before EU. I rest my case.

Britts have the longest history of democratic rule, since Magna Charta in 1215. I hope that Britts will aspire to freedom instead of false security. Swiss citizens cannot complain on their security. Switzerland is the most democratic country in the world, and it also has the highest quality of life, and … it is an opposite of EU: instead of a top down rule it has a bottom up rule. I hope I will end my days in a country with direct democracy instead of EU. So help me God (of any religion)

Feliks Koneczny
Najgorszą społecznie ze wszystkich kradzieży jest kradzież czasu, gdyż demoralizuje okradzionego. Jest to specjalność biurokracji względem obywateli.