Monica Horten

From the users point of view, the problem is obvious. No-one would want a telephone service if the operator could choose which numbers they were permitted to dial, and which ones they couldn’t call. Likewise, they do not want an Internet service where the operators choose which websites, services and applications they can use.
With present day technology the users will not know that the restrictions are in place. The network operators will be able to implement restrictions with a minimal obligation to a regulator or supervisory body.
With a few simple words, “conditions limiting access to and/or use of services and applications” the Telecoms Package reverses the users’ right to freely communicate in cyberspace, and turns it into an operator’s right to impose restrictions. The operators may, at their own discretion, block the use of applications and services, which could include Skype, peer-to-peer file-sharing, and any other website, service or protocol.